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Discovery IQ PET/CT scanner. The system offers the greatest sensitivity (up to 22 cps/kBq) and the largest axial field-of-view (up to 26 cm) of any available PET/CT device. This should allow radiologists to visualize smaller lesions while delivering smaller radiation doses. The system is powered by the new GE LightBurst PET detector that the company promises can perform scans at half the dose and in half the time compared to conventional systems. The system can correct for motion, as when performing visualization of the thoracic cavity.
Discovery* PET/CT 610 has achieved an absolute sensitivity of 10.0 cps/kBq, the highest level found on any scanner on the market.1 Sensitivity is one of GE’s critical foundations of PET/CT imaging, and this double-digit measurement represents a critical milestone. It means the system is designed to deliver fast and detailed scans at low dose.
The Optima* PET/CT 560 can accomplish a full head-to-toe scan in one pass. And with a longer scan range than previous generations, you may achieve higher patient throughput with less need for re positioning patients, potentially saving up to 15 minutes per exam.
With a compact footprint and low system weight for its capability, the GE Discovery 4 PET CT machine is a fully integrated 64-slice scanner. A used GE Discovery 4 PET PET CT scanner produces remarkably detailed images while assuring maximum patient comfort. Each refurbished GE Discovery 4 PET CT features a large gantry opening, continuous patient port and short tunnel for ease of positioning.
GE Discovery ST PET/CT Scanner available for sale. This is an 8 slice machine used to diagnosis Cardiac diseases such as Coronary Artery Deisease also know as CAD. This machine will not last long, submit the form below to obtain a price quote on the GE Discovery PET/CT Scanner.